Table of Contents

Genetics of eye disease / Terri L. Young and Leila M. Khazaeni.
Neonatal ophthalmology: ocular development in childhood / Kammi B. Gunton, Leonard B. Nelson, and Scott E. Olitsky.
Retinopathy of prematurity / James D. Reynolds.
The pediatric eye examination / John W. Simon and Nalini K. Aggarwal.
Electrodiagnostic tests of the retina and higher centers / Ronald E. Carr.
Refraction in infants and children / Michael X. Repka.
Ambylopia / Evelyn A. Paysse and David K. Coats.
Sensory adaptations in strabismus / Marshall M. Parks.
Strabismus disorders / Scott E. Olitsky and Leonard B. Nelson.
Surgical management of strabismus / Rudolph S. Wagner.
Conjunctival diseases / Cintia F. Gomi ... [et al.].
Diseases of the cornea / Christopher J. Rapuano and Peter R. Laibson.
Pediatric cataracts and lens anomalies / Derek B. Hess, Rachel A. Tesser, and Edward G. Buckley.
Glaucoma in infants and children / Sharon F. Freedman and David S. Walton.
Uveitis in children / Conrad L. Giles, Antonio Capone Jr., and Mandar M. Joshi.
Diseases of the retina and vitreous / Eric D. Weichel ... [et al.].
Congenital abnormalities of the optic disc / Gary C. Brown, and Melissa M. Brown.
Disorders of the lacrimal apparatus in infancy and childhood / Deborah K. VanderVeen.
Pediatric eyelid disorders / Forrest J. Ellis.
Disorder of the orbit / Daniel P. Schaefer.
Ocular tumors of childhood / Jerry A. Shields and Carol L. Shields.
The systemic hamartomatoses ("phakomatoses") / Jerry A. Shields and Carol L. Shields.
Ocular abnormalities in childhood metabolic disorders / Avery H. Weiss.
Pediatric neuro-ophthalmology / Robert C. Sergott and Denise Hug.
Nystagmus / Mitchell B. Strominger.
Ocular trauma and its prevention / Robert A. Catalano.
Role of the ophthalmologist in learning disorders / Harold P. Koller and Kenneth B. Goldberg.
Working with visually impaired children and their families / Marilyn A. Moller with Rose D. Skolnick.
Medicolegal issues in pediatric ophthalmology / Edward L. Raab.
The evolution of strabismus surgery / Norman B. Medow.