Table of Contents

The extent and impact of dementia care : unique challenges experienced by family caregivers.
Understanding the interventions process : a theoretical/conceptual framework for intervention approaches to caregiving.
Interventions for in-home caregivers : a review of research 1990 to present.
The pragmatics of implementing intervention studies in the community.
Development and implementation of intervention strategies for culturally diverse caregiving populations.
Measurement issues in intervention research.
Identifying mechanisms of action : why and how does intervention work?.
From intervention studies to public policy : translating research into practice.
Future directions in caregiving : implications for intervention research. This collection provides a comprehensive analysis of intervention approaches to dementia caregiving. It reviews the existing knowledge and provides a conceptual framework for organizing caregiver interventions of all types. Of special interest is the design of an intervention study for a culturally diverse community. The volume concludes with a discussion of how to translate intervention research into public policy, with an assessment of the future of caregiving and caregiving intervention research.