Table of Contents

History of transplantation / Ji Fronk and Iain A.M. MacPhee.
Assessment of the potential renal transplant recipient / Alan G. Jardine and Patrick B Mark.
Pre-transplant assessment and medical evaluation of potential live kidney donors / Jonas Wadstrm.
Histocompatibility and immunogenetics / Susan V. Fuggle and Craig J. Taylor.
Donor management : the care of the heart beating brain dead multi-organ donor / Paul G. Murphy.
Deceased donor retrieval / Albert M. Wolthuis ... [et al.].
Live donor nephrectomy / Ji Fronk and Nicos Kessaris.
Organisation of transplant services, organ sharing, and organ allocation : a perspective from the UK and Eurotransplant / James Neuberger and Axel Rahmel.
Deceased donor kidney transplantation / Luisa Berardinelli.
Living donor kidney transplantation / Ji Fronk.
Pancreas transplantation / Guido Woeste and Wolf O. Bechstein.
Pancreatic islet transplantation / Frantisek Saudek.
Anaesthesia for renal transplantation / Nicoletta Fossati.
Anaesthesia for pancreatic transplantation / Kai Zacharowski and Hans-Joachim Wilke.
Anaesthesia for live donor nephrectomy / Rehana Iqbal.
Immunosuppression / Iain A.M. MacPhee and Teun van Gelder.
Antibody removal / Nicos Kessaris and Nizam Mamode.
Paediatric transplantation / Luisa Berardinelli and Luciana Ghio.
Post-transplant diagnostic imaging / Lakshmi Ratnam and Uday Patel.
Transplant histopathology / Eva Honsova.
Infection / Rachel Hilton and Martin W. Drage.
Management during the first three months after transplantation / Iain A.M. MacPhee, Joyce Popoola, and Daniel Jones.
Management of long-term complications / Paul N. Harden ... [et al.].
Living donor follow-up / Ji Fronk and Robert Elias.
Ethics of transplantation / Robert Elias and Rehana Iqbal.