Table of Contents

Cover; Contents; Preface; 1 - Introduction: Ethics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Part I: FOUNDATIONS; 2 - Philosophical Foundations of Professional Ethics; 3 - Thinking Well About Ethics: Beyond the Code; 4 - Moral Reasoning and Development; Part II: PSYCHOLOGY AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS; 5 - Ethical Principles of the Psychology Profession and Professional Competencies; 6 - The Mismeasure of Psychologists: A Review of the Psychometrics of Licensing Requirements; 7 - Institutional Review Boards: Balancing Conflicting Values in Research; Part III: SPECIAL TOPICS 8 - Ethics and the Allocation of Healthcare9 - Fees and Financial Arrangements; 10 - The Termination and Referral of Clients; 11 - Ethical Principles of the Psychology Profession and Involuntary Commitment; 12 - Ethics of Multiple and Overlapping Relationships; 13 - Ideals and Realities in the Development and Practice of Informed Consent; 14 - Seven "Sins" of Misdirection?: Ethical Controversies Surrounding the Use of Deception in Research; 15 - Confronting Ethical Issues in the Use of Animals in Biomedical and Behavioral Research: The Search for Principles 16 - Ethical Considerations in Psychological AssessmentPart IV: SPECIAL POPULATIONS; 17 - Confidentiality in Psychotherapy and Related Contexts; 18 - Ethical Principles of the Psychology Profession and Ethnic Minority Issues; 19 - Sexual Orientation and Professional Ethics; 20 - Ethical Issues for Psychologists Working With Persons With Developmental Disabilities; 21 - Ethical Principles of Correctional Psychology; 22 - The Central Role of Informed Consent in Ethical Treatment and Research with Children; 23 - Ethical Principles and Practice in Couple and Family Therapy 24 - Ethics And The School Psychologist25 - Issues in the Ethical Treatment of Older Adults; Author Index; Subject Index; About the Editors; About the Contributors Rather than take ethical pronouncements as dogma, simply understood & observed, this text encourages a critical attitude to issues that include confidentiality, financial matters, the termination & referral of clients, the use of deception in research, ethnic minority issues & consent in the treatment of children.