Table of Contents

The study of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination within social psychology : a quick history of theory and research / Charles Stangor.
Development of racial and ethnic prejudice among children / Sheri R. Levy and Julie Milligan Hughes.
Intergroup threat theory / Walter G. Stephan, Oscar Ybarra, and Kimberly Rios Morrison.
Automaticity and control in stereotyping and prejudice / Patricia G. Devine and Lindsay B. Sharp.
Attributions to discrimination : antecedents and consequences / Brenda Major and Pamela J. Sawyer.
Controlling prejudice and stereotyping : antecedents, mechanisms, and contexts / Galen V. Bodenhausen, Andrew R. Todd, and Jennifer A. Richeson.
Stereotypes and shifting standards / Monica Biernat.
Stereotype and social identity threat / Joshua Aronson and Matthew S. McGlone.
The role of entitativity in stereotyping : processes and parameters / David L. Hamilton ... [et al.].
The unbearable accuracy of stereotypes / Lee Jussim ... [et al.].
Downward and upward spirals in intergroup interactions : the role of egosystem and ecosystem goals / Jennifer Crocker and Julie A. Garcia.
The stereotypic behaviors of the powerful and their effect on the relatively powerless / Theresa K. Vescio ... [et al.].
Mechanisms underlying the malleability of implicit prejudice and stereotypes : the role of automaticity and cognitive control / Nilanjana Dasgupta.
Intergroup emotions theory / Diane M. Mackie and Angela T. Maitner, and Eliot R. Smith.
How our dreams of death transcendence breed prejudice, stereotyping, and conflict : terror management theory / Jeff Greenberg ... [et al.].
You were always on my mind : how event-related potentials inform impression formation research / Jennifer T. Kubota and Tiffany A. Ito.
Pictures in our heads : contributions of fMRI to the study of prejudice and stereotyping / David M. Amodio and Matthew D. Lieberman.
Measures of prejudice / Michael A. Olson.
Racism in the 21st century / Michael A. Zárate.
Sexism / Janet K. Swim and Lauri L. Hyers.
Ageism / Todd D. Nelson.
Sexual prejudice / Gregory M. Herek.
Anti-fat prejudice / Christian S. Crandall, Angela Nierman, and Michelle Hebl.
A common ingroup identity : a categorization-based approach for reducing intergroup bias / Samuel L. Gaertner and John F. Dovidio.
The self-regulation of prejudice / Margo J. Monteith and Aimee Y. Mark.
The future of research on prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination / Susan T. Fiske ... [et al.].