Table of Contents

Quality management and regulation / Jeffrey Prichard.
Technique and troubleshooting of antibody testing / Fan Lin and Jianhui Shi.
Overview of automated immunohistochemistry / Jeffrey Prichard, Angela Bitting, and Joe Myers.
Automated staining : Dako perspective / Ole F. Rasmussen and Andreas Schønau.
Automated staining : Ventana perspective / Angela Sattler.
Tissue microarray / Myra Wilkerson and Erin Powell.
Unknown primary/undifferentiated neoplasms in surgical and cytologic specimens / Fan Lin and Haiyan Liu.
Exfoliative cytopathology / Steven Meschter and Jan F. Silverman.
Predictive markers of breast cancer : ER, PR, and HER2 / Jeffrey Prichard, David Hicks, and Elizabeth Hammond.
Central and peripheral nerve system tumors / Hueizhi (Hope) Wu, Conrad Schuerch, and Douglas C. Miller.
Thyroid and parathyroid gland / Haiyan Liu, Fan Lin, and Ronald A. DeLellis.
Adrenal gland / Hanna G. Kaspar.
Salivary gland and other head and neck structures / Conrad Schuerch.
Lung, pleura, and mediastinum / Kai Zhang and Phillip Cagle.
Breast / Haiyan Liu.
Uterus / Hanna G. Kaspar.
Ovary / Jeffrey Prichard, Haiyan Liu, and Myra Wilkerson.
Prostate gland / Haiyan Liu, Fan Lin, and Qihui (Jim) Zhai.
Urinary bladder / Myra Wilkerson.
Kidney / Fan Lin and Ximing J. Yang.
Testis and paratesticular tissues / Myra Wilkerson.
Pancreas and ampulla / Fan Lin and Hanlin L. Wang.
Liver, bile ducts, and gallbladder / Jeffrey Prichard and Fan Lin.
Upper gastrointestinal tract / Jinhong Li and Fan Lin.
Lower gastrointestinal tract and microsatellite instability / Jinhong Li and Fan Lin.
Soft tissue and bone tumors / Shaobo Zhu and Markku Miettinen.
Lymph node / Xiaohong (Mary) Zhang and Nadine S. Aguilera.
Bone marrow / R. Patrick Dorion and Xiaohong (Mary) Zhang.
Infectious diseases / Dirk M. Elston, Lawrence E. Gibson, and Heinz Kutzner.
Skin / Tammie Ferringer.
Application of direct immunofluorescence for the skin and mucosal biopsies : a practical review / William B. Tyler.
In situ hybridization in surgical and cytologic specimens / Hong Yin and Barbara Paynton.