Table of Contents

Part I. General issues. Mental health in the workplace / Jay C. Thomas and Jeffrey Hite. Mental health and disabilities, the employer, and the law / H. John Bernardin and Barbara A. Lee.
Part II. Working conditions, life stressors, and mental health. Models of job stress / Valerie J. Sutherland and Cary L. Cooper. Effects of job stress on mental and physical health / Carlla S. Smith, Lorne M. Sulsky, and Krista L. Uggeslav. The unbalanced life: work and family conflict / Leslie B. Hammer, Cari L. Colton, Suzanne Caubet, and Krista J. Brockwood. Organizationally targeted interventions aimed at reducing workplace stress / Terry A. Beehr and Michael P. O'Driscoll.
Part III. Effects of psychopathology on work. Depression in the workplace / Paula Truax and Tracy McDonald. Bi-polar disorders / Edward S. Friedman, Andrea Fagiolini, and Michael E. Thase. Generalized anxiety disorder / Erin L. Scott, David M. Fresco, and Richard G. Heimberg. Social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and panic disorder / Scott F. Coffey, Brian P. Marx, and Deborah A. Roth. PTSD in the workplace / Walter Penk, Charles Drebing, and Russell Schutt. Schizophrenia / Kim T. Mueser and Deborah R. Becker. Antisocial personality disorder / Brian P. O'Connor and Kirsten N. Barr. Borderline personality disorder / Brian C. Goff. Eating disorders / David H. Gleaves and Antonio Cepeda-Benito. Traumatic brain injury in the workplace / Charles J. Golden. Insomnia / Christina S. McCrae, H. Heith Durrence, and Kenneth L. Lichstein.
Part IV. Effects of disruptive behavior at work. Alcohol and drug problem management in the workplace / Paul M. Roman and Suzanne C. Baker. Social dysfunction in the workplace / Lindsay Ham, Melanie Van Dyke, and Debra A. Hope. Anger, hostility, and violence in the workplace / Robert Hogan, John L. McNulty, and Christopher R. Bordeaux. Harassment and discrimination in the workplace / Tahira M. Probst and Donna J. Johns. Absenteeism and mental health / Gary Johns. Passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace / John F. Binning and Edward E. Wagner.
Part V. Organizational practice and mental health. Dysfunctional behavior in the workplace and organizational design, climate, and culture / Daniel J. Svyantek and Linda L. Brown. An application model relating the essential functions of a job to mental disabilities / Steven F. Cronshaw and Brenda L. Kenyon. Job accommodations for mental health disabilities / Lois E. Tetrick and Leah P. Toney. A reference tool to assist researchers and academics in the fields of occupational psychology and human resource management. It includes papers from expert contributors that provide the latest research and up-to-date developments in this area.