Table of Contents

Basic Principles of Lasers: Interactions Between Lasers and Tissue.
Laser Safety: Standards and Guidelines.
Post-operative Care and Complications.
Types of Lasers.
Vascular Lasers.
Pigmented Lesions.
Fractional Devices.
Hair Removal.
Photodynamic Therapy.
Lasers for Skin Cancers.
Lasers and Lights for Acne.
Lasers for Scars.
Lasers and Lights for Onychomycosis.
Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins.
Fractional Photothermolysis.
Sub-Surfacing Lasers.
Rejuvenation using Light-based Devices.
Lasers for Psoriasis.
Lasers for Hypopigmented Lesions.
Intense Pulse Light Therapy.
Photodynamic Therapy.
Light-Emitting Diode Phototherapy.
Lasers and Lights for Wound Healing.
Lasers for Hair Growth and Hair Transplants.
Devices for Weight Loss and Fatty Tissue.
Reflectance-Mode Confocal Microscopy in Dermatologic Oncology.
Pearls in Clinical Lasers.
Anesthesia for Lasers.
Lasers for Dark Skin Types.
Lasers for Children.
Post-operative Wound Care.
Laser Complications: Treatment and Prevention.
Medicolegal Issues.
Psychological Considerations Prior to Laser.
Photography Specific to Lasers.
Online Sources for Information.
Research and Future Directions. Dramatic improvements in laser technology have yielded new indications and applications in cutaneous disorders. Existing texts covering lasers in dermatology are often bulky and therefore it has been hard for the dermatologist to find a complete and concise reference that highlights only the specific use of lasers in cutaneous medicine. This handbook has been written to provide a basic structural framework for clinicians and trainees, and clearly outlines laser techniques for each specific dermatologic disorder. Handbook of Lasers in Dermatology comprehensively covers each application of lasers for the skin in a manner that can be easily read by beginners and experts alike. It provides readers with a handy and reliable reference guide that improves patient care and treatment outcomes. It is therefore of interest to all dermatologists who use lasers in their clinical practice.