Table of Contents

Social assessment / Carmen Morano, Barbara Morano.
Physical assessment / David Nicklin.
Pain assessment / James P. Richardson.
Health promotion / Meredith Wallace, Joyce Shea, Carrie Guttman.
Assessment of older adults in their home / Lucia C. Kim, Carmel Bitondo Dyer.
Geriatric assessment in nursing homes / Miriam B. Rodin.
Assessment at the time of hospitalization / Marilyn Lopez.
Adherence to medical treatment / Hillary R. Bogner, Monica K. Crane.
Developing and managing a high-functioning interdisciplinary team / Eugenia L. Siegler.
Assessing disaster preparedness and response / Ian Portelli, Terry Fulmer. The context of geriatric care / Joseph Gallo, Hillary R. Bogner.
Emergency assessment of the older adult / Chad VanDerHeyden, Arthur Sanders.
Ethnicity and geriatric assessment / Charles P. Mouton, Yolanda B. Esparza.
The older adult driver / David Carr, George W. Rebok.
Enhancing advance directive discussions using the values history / David J. Doukas, Laurence B. McCullough, Monica K. Crane.
Recognizing mistreatment in older adults / Carla VandeWeerd ... [et al.].
Cognitive assessment / Joseph J. Gallo, Marsha N. Wittink.
Depression assessment / Joseph J. Gallo, Marsha N. Wittink.
Substance use and abuse assessment / Faika Zanjani, David Oslin.
Activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living assessment / Joseph J. Gallo, Gregory J. Paveza --