Table of Contents

The Food Engineer.
Food Regulations.
Food Safety Engineering.
Farm Machinery Design.
Farm Machinery Automation for Tillage, Planting, Cultivation, and Harvesting.
Grain Harvesting Machinery.
Grain Storage Systems Design.
Milking Machinery Design.
Food Processing Operating Systems and Machinery Design.
Dairy Product Processing.
Grain Processing Engineering.
Technology of Processing of Horticultural Crops.
Food Drying and Evaporation.
Food Freezing Technology.
Heat and Mass Transfer in Food Processing.
Food Rheology.
Thermal Processing for Food Sterilization and Preservation.
Food Process Modeling.
Design of Food Processing Controls Systems.
Ohmic Pasteurization of Meat and Meat Products.
Food Processing Facility Design.
Agricultural Waste Management in Food Processing.
Food Packaging Systems and Machinery Design.
Food Packaging for Damage Reduction During Transportation and Handling.
Food Packaging Machinery. Indispensable for food, chemical, mechanical, and packaging engineers, Handbook of Farm, Dairy, and Food Machinery covers in one comprehensive volume fundamental food engineering principles in the design of food industry machinery. The handbook provides broad, yet technically detailed coverage of food safety, regulations, product processing systems, packaging, facilities, waste management, and machinery design topics in a f̥arm to the fork̲ organization. The 22 chapters are contributed by leading experts worldwide with numerous illustrations, tables, and references. The book includes the new USDA regulations for c̥ertified organic̲ processing, as well as state-of-the-art technologies for equipment both on the farm and in the plant.