Table of Contents

Conceptual apparatus.
Types of user assessments of IT-based solutions.
Choosing or constructing methods.
Overview of assessment methods.
Descriptions of methods and techniques.
Other useful information.
Methodological and methodical perils and pitfalls at assessment, background information.
Approach to identification of pitfalls and perils.
Framework for meta-assessment of assessment studies. This Handbook provides a complete compendium of methods for evaluation of IT-based systems and solutions within healthcare. Emphasis is entirely on assessment of the IT-system within its organizational environment. The author provides a coherent and complete assessment of methods addressing interactions with and effects of technology at the organizational, psychological, and social levels. It offers an explanation of the terminology and theoretical foundations underlying the methodological analysis presented here. The author carefully guides the reader through the process of identifying relevant methods corresponding to specific information needs and conditions for carrying out the evaluation study. The Handbook takes a critical view by focusing on assumptions for application, tacit built-in perspectives of the methods as well as their perils and pitfalls. *Collects a number of evaluation methods of medical informatics *Addresses metrics and measures *Includes an extensive list of anotated references, case studies, and a list of useful Web sites.