Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Introduction, Background and History. Alcoholic Beverages of the World: An Introduction to the Contents of this Book.
History and Development of Alcoholic Beverages.
Some Recent Trends and Developments.
Fermented Beverages: Beers, Ciders, Wines and Related Drinks. Introduction: Overview of Fermentation and Microorganisms.
Alcoholic Fermentation.
Malolactic Fermentation.
Acetic and Other Fermentations.
Preservatives Used in the Production of Alcoholic Beverages.
Cereal-based and Other Fermented Drinks of Asia, Africa and Central/South America.
Cider and Perry.
Fortified Wines and Liqueur Wines.
Fruit Wines and Other Nongrape Wines.
Aromatized Wines.
Low Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Beers, Ciders and Wines.
Distilled Spirits. Introduction: Distillation Methods and Stills.
Scotch Whisky.
Other Cereal Based Spirits.
Cane Spirits, Vegetable based Spirits and Aniseed Flavored Spirits.
Grape and Other Pomace Spirits.
Fruit Spirits.
Liqueurs and their Flavorings.
Analytical Methods. Introduction.
Extraction and Focusing Methods in Sample Preparation.
Chromatographic Methods.
Spectroscopic Methods.
Electrochemical Methods.
Other Methods.
Sensory Analysis.
Nutritional and Health Aspects. General Introduction.
Factors Influencing the Nutrient Content of Alcoholic Beverages.
Macronutrient Content of Alcoholic Beverages.
Micronutrient Content of Alcoholic Beverages.
Alcohol Ingestion, Absorption and Catabolism: Metabolic and Nutritional Consequences.
Health Consequences of Alcohol Intake.
Carbohydrates in Alcoholic Beverages and Health.
Antioxidant Value of Alcoholic Beverages.
Additives in Alcoholic Beverages.
Residues in Alcoholic Beverages.
Other Trace Substances in Alcoholic Beverages.
Appendix 1: Units of Measurement and Interconversions.
Appendix 2.
Appendix 3: Pressure and Temperature Unit Conversions, and Numerical Values of Constants.