Table of Contents

General Aspects of Growth.
Tissues : Basic Structure and Growth.
Tissues : Growth and Structure Relative to Product Value for Human Consumption.
Mammary Gland Growth and Product Yield.
Hormonal Influences on Growth.
Genetic Influences on Growth.
The Immune System and Growth.
Gametes, Fertilization and Embryonic Growth.
Prenatal and Postnatal Growth.
Efficiency and Growth.
Compensatory Growth.
Growth and Puberty in Breeding Animals.
Measuring Growth.
'Growth Promoters', Performance Enhancers, Feed Additives and Alternative Approaches.
The Future. This book contains 16 chapters. Topics covered are: general aspects of growth; cells; tissues: basic structure and growth; tissues: growth and structure relative to product value for human consumption; mammary gland growth and product yield; hormonal influences on growth; genetic influences on growth; immune system and growth; gametes, fertilization and embryonic growth; prenatal and postnatal growth; efficiency and growth; compensatory growth; growth and puberty in breeding animals; measuring growth; growth promoters, performance enhancers, feed additives and alternative approaches; the future.