Table of Contents

V. 1.
General principles.
Anesthesia for hand surgery.
Acute infections.
Chronic infections.
Dupuytren's contracture.
Extensor tendon injury.
Flexor tendon injury.
Pt. A: Acute injuries.
Pt. B: Flexor tendon reconstruction.
Fractures of the metacarpals and phalanges.
Dislocations and ligament injuries in the digits.
The perionychium.
The stiff finger.
Arthrodesis and arthroplasty of small joints of the hand.
Thumb basal joint arthritis.
Arthroplasty and arthritis of the wrist.
Carpal instability.
Distal radioulnar joint instability.
Distal radius fractures.
Fractures of the carpal bones.
Wrist arthroscopy.
Trauma and fractures.
Fractures of the distal humerus.
Fractures of the head of the radius.
Fractures of the proximal ulna.
Disorders of the forearm axis.
Complex traumatic elbow dislocation.
Recurrent instability of the elbow.
Other disorders.
Treatment of the stiff elbow.
Elbow tendinopathies and tendon ruptures.
Arthroscopy and the Thrower's elbow.
Total elbow arthroplasty.
Compression neuropathies.
Thoracic outlet compression syndrome.
Nerve repair.
Radial nerve palsy. V. 2.
Median and ulnar nerve palsy.
Cerebral palsy.
Upper extremity dysfunction after stroke or brain injury.
Traumatic brachial plexus injury.
Embryology of the upper extremity.
Deformities of the hand and fingers.
Deformities of the thumb.
Malformations and deformities of the wrist and forearm.
Congenital contracture.
Pediatric brachial plexus palsy.
Distraction lengthening in the hand and upper extremity.
Hand, wrist, and forearm fractures in children.
Principles of microvascular surgery.
The mangled upper extremity.
Nonmicrosurgerical coverage of the upper extremity.
Pt. A: Skin grafting.
Pt. B: Local and regional flap coverage of the hand.
Pt. C: Coverage of the elbow.
Free skin and composite flaps.
Free functioning muscle transfers.
Vascularized bone grafting.
Toe-to-hand transplantation.
Thumb reconstruction.
Compartment syndrome.
Management of venomous injuries.
Complex regional pain syndrome.
Factitious disorders.
Rheumatoid arthritis and other connective tissue diseases.
The burned hand.
Skin tumors.
Bone and soft tissue tumors.
Vascular disorders.