Table of Contents

The odes, songs and rhymes.
Ode to the whole body's points and channels.
Ode to the one hundred symptoms.
A song on the rule of the hundred points.
A song on how the six qi create disease.
The song 'four all-encompassing points'.
The song 'nine needles which revive the yang'.
Ode to the streamer out of the dark.
Ode to the magnanimity of the mat.
Ode to the golden needle.
A song on how the cycling five of heaven control disease.
A rhyming guide to essential indications when needling.
Ode to the jade dragon.
Old teacher mulberry's rhyme 'secrets of the stars'.
Ma danyang's song on the twelve points.
Shining bright as the starry sky and able to heal all the many diseases.
Ode to the importance of penetrating the dark mystery.
Ode to the magic brightness.
Ode to holding back the river.
Ode to intricacies in the circulating flow.
The song 'tricks to keep up your sleeve'.
The secret rhyme on needling 'barriers within'.
Tonifying and reduction swept clear as snow.
The song 'general pointers when needling'.
The song 'opening the door to needling law'.