Table of Contents

Pt.I. Caring for chronic diseases : how we got into this mess, and why we need to get out of it.
Why chronic diseases? / J. Timothy Harrington.
How has the US health system evolved? / J. Timothy Harrington.
Why has the US health system become what it is? / J. Timothy Harrington.
Making chronic disease care great / J. Timothy Harrington.
Pt. II. How to effect change in health care : if it doesn't fit, use a larger hammer.
Building systems of care / Eric D. Newman.
Problem solving / Eric D. Newman.
Testing and implementing solutions / Eric D. Newman.
Pt. III. Managing chronic disease : you can't do things differently until you see things differently.
Managing complex processes : making order out of chaos / J. Timothy Harrington.
Managing medical information (tools, rules and what's cool) / Eric D. Newman.
Measuring processes and outcomes of care / J. Timothy Harrington.
Teaming : everyone has a role to play / Eric D. Newman.
Hpw providers should be paid / Eric D. Newman.
Pt. IV. Success stories told by champions : boldly going where few have gone before.
Diabetes : everyone's number one priority / Richard S. Beaser, Kenneth Snow, Jo-Anne M Rizzotto, Julie Brown, and Martin J. Abrahamson.
Osteoporosis : breaking bones is not inevitable / Richard M. Dell.
Rheumatoid arthritis : diagnose early and treat to target / John J. Cush.
Heart failure : reducing readmissions / Kathi Farrell and Kathleen Sullivan.
Chronic kidney disease : changing the mean by changing the mien / Jerry Yee, Mark D. Faber, and Sandeep S. Soman.
Asthma : identifying and treating high-risk patients / Michael B. Foggs.
Cardiovascular disease : reducing risk factors / Richard D. Lueker and Beth A. McCormick.
Obesity : the elephant in the room / Karen Cooper, Philip Schauer, Stacy Brethauer, and Sangeeta Kashyap.
Palliative care and hospice : advancing the science of comfort, affirming the art of caring / Martha L. Twaddle.
Part V. Controversies in redesigning chronic disease care.
Myths and miscreants / Eric D. Newman.
Improving care vs. transforming care / Eric D. Newman.
Translational research or industrial process improvement : a false choice / J. Timothy Harrington.
The patient-centered medical home or system-based care : another false choice / J. Timothy Harrington.
Preparing physicians with optimal processes and process improvement skills / J. Timothy Harrington.
Epilogue : join with U[s].