Table of Contents

Introduction: Governance and performance of education systems / Nils C. Soguel, Pierre Jaccard.
The new regulation forms of educational systems in Europe: towards a post-bureaucratic regime / Christian Maroy.
Comparing higher education governance systems in four European countries / Harry F. de Boer, Jürgen Enders, Uwe Schimank.
Purpose and limits of a national monitoring of the education system through indicators / Stefan C. Wolter.
Measuring and comparing the equity of education systems in Europe / Marc Demeuse, Ariane Baye.
The economic benefits of improved teacher quality / Eric A. Hanushek.
Direct democracy and public education in Swiss cantons/ Justina A.V. Fischer.
School factors related to quality: multilevel analysis for three Swiss cantons / Ivar Trippolini.
Are Swiss secondary schools efficient? / Muriel Meunier.
Funding school by formula / Rosalind Levac̆ić.
A cost model of schools: school size, school structure and student composition / Torberg Falch, Marte Rønning, Bjarne Strom.
The potential of school information systems for enhancing school improvement / Ian Selwood, Adrie J. Visscher.
School autonomy and financial manoevrability: French principles' strategies / Yves Dutercq.
Finish strategy for high-level education for all / Reijo Laukkanen.