Table of Contents

Introduction: out of the 9/11 decade.
New media-old empires: celebrity, sex and revolutions of knowing.
Under the volcano: the cultural ecology of nature.
Hyper-pleasure: consumer rituals and transactions of desire.
Menace: westernism, media and the cultural ecology of violence.
After the apocalypse: refugees, human rights and the global media future.
Conclusion. The modern world has become trapped between fantasies of infinite bliss and the prospects of total global collapse. Global Media Apocalypse explores these contrary imaginings through an evolving cultural ecology of violence. Articulated through the global media, these apocalyptic fantasies express a profoundly human condition of crisis. Paying particular attention to the role of digital and networked communication systems, Jeff Lewis presents an analysis of mediated imaginings of many of the world's most pressing problems, including consumerism, ecological disaster, global power shifts, terrorism, refugees, borders and cultural warfare. An accessible analysis of a world teetering on the edge of systemic collapse, the book offers a powerful rendering of many of the world's most challenging and potentially devastating problems, presenting explanations and solutions that are both original and starkly provocative.