Table of Contents

"Everything was fulfilled" versus "The land that yet remains": contrasting conceptions of the fulfillment of the promise in the book of Joshua / Nili Wazana.
Josephus' land theology: a reappraisal / Michael Avioz.
Rereading herem: destruction of idolatry in Tannaitic literature / Ishay Rosen-Zvi.
The fate of the Canaanites and the despoliation of the Egyptians: polemics among Jews, pagans, Christians, and Gnostics: motifs and motives / Menahem Kister.
"God would not give the land, but to the obedient": medieval Karaite responses to the curse of Canaan (Genesis 9:25) / Meira Polliack and Marzena Zawanowska.
And yet, the texts remain: the problem of the command to destroy the Canaanites / Menachem Kellner.
Nahmanides on law, land, and otherness / Joseph E. David.
The land of Israel and Canaan: a case study of the spiritual world of Gur Hasidim / Yoram Jacobson.
The embarrassment of Joshua: strategies for interpreting the biblical account of the conquest of Canaan in German-Jewish Neo-Orthodoxy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries / Matthias Morgenstern.
Where may Canaanites be found? Canaanites, Phoenicians, and others in Jewish texts from the Hellenistic and Roman period / Katell Berthelot.
The rabbinic perception of the presence of the Canaanites in the land of Israel / Eyal Ben-Eliyahu.
"Canaanites" in medieval Jewish households / Evyatar Marienberg.
The Canaanites of Africa: the origins of the Berbers according to medieval Muslim and Jewish authors / Paul Fenton.
The Israeli identity and the Canaanite option / David Ohana.
The conquest of Eretz Israel and the seven nations in religious-Zionist thought / Dov Schwartz.
Rabbi Reines on the conquest of Canaan and Zionism / Warren Zeev Harvey.
The conquest of the land of Israel and associated moral questions in the teachings of Rabbi Kook and his disciples: thoughts in light of the book Herev Pipiyot Be-Yadam / Avinoam Rosenak.
R. Moshe Feinstein on Milhemet Mitzvah: halakhah, morality, and exegesis / Baruch Alster.
The fate of the Canaanites and the State of Israel in the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas / Annabel Herzog. The gift of the land of Israel by God is an essential element in Jewish identity, religiously, and politically. That the gift came at the expense of the local Canaanites has stimulated deep reflections and heated debate in Jewish literature, from the creation of the Bible to the twenty-first century. This book offers nineteen chapters on this moral dilemma by international experts in the history of Jewish thought. The chapters examine the theological, ethical, and political issues connected with the gift and with the fate of the Canaanites, focusing on classical Jewish texts and major Jewish commentators, legal thinkers, and philosophers from ancient times to the present. The book sheds light on Jewish exegetical and intellectual creativity in developing interpretive and philosophical strategies to cope with the problem, and hopes to enable a greater understanding of the long history of Jewish reflection on the issue of Israel's sovereignty over the land and its relationship with non-Jewish inhabitants.