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Front Cover; Getting It Right: R&D Methods for Science and Engineering; Copyright Page; CONTENTS; Acknowledgments; Foreword; Biographies; Part I: Introduction; Chapter 1. Research and Development; Chapter 2. Process and Preparation; Part II: Project Organization; Chapter 3. The Project Hierarchy; Chapter 4. The Project Task; Part III: Knowledge Representation; Chapter 5. An Epistemological Journey; Chapter 6. Categories and Types of Knowledge; Chapter 7. Roles of Knowledge Propositions; Chapter 8. Limits of Knowledge; Part IV: The Scientific Method; Chapter 9. Overview; Chapter 10. Analysis Over the past decade, the author has met with directors of R&D departments in large industrial firms, who are frustrated by the lack of coherent and consistent methodologies in R&D projects. As a direct result the author was asked to design and present a seminar to provide R&D engineers and scientists a standard methodology for conducting coherent, rigorous, comprehensible, and consistent R&D projects. The author also realized that this training should be included in engineering and science curricula in universities and colleges. To this end, he designed and presented a pilot course for his de.