Table of Contents

The history and incubation of the field technology and aging / J.A.M. Graafmans.
Perceptual aspects of gerontechnology / W. Wittich, J.-P. Gagne.
The social context of technology use in old age / S. Kamin, F.R. Lang, T. Kamber.
Aging in intra- and inter-generational contexts : the family technologist / L.L. Huber, C. Watson, K. Roberto, B.A. Walker.
Privacy implications of aware, active, and adpative technologies / L.J. Camp, L.L. Huber.
Methods in gerontechnology with a focus on virtual environments as a research tool in aging mobility studies / A. Park, E. Hwang, G.M. Gutman.
Information and communication technology in active aging with a focus on user interfaces / M.H. Yun, S. Lee.
User-sensitive inclusive design for technology in everyday life / C.S.C. Lim, A. Newell.
Quality lighting for health and independence in aging / E. Noell-Waggoner, R. Dupuy.
The aging road user and technology to promote safe mobility for life / W.R. Boot, C.T. Scialfa.
Home technologies that support aging in place / G.M. Gutman, Soonwook Kwon, J.-F. Güttler, C. Georgoulas, T. Linner, T. Bock, R. Fukuda, S. Kwon.
Assistive technology for older people / R. Davies, H.-M. Hua, R. Fukuda, M. Mulvenna, S. Martin, S. Merkel.
Constraints on adoption of telehealth to support aging populations / N. Charness.
Behavioral monitoring to enhance safety and wellness in old age / D.M. Kutzik.
Acute healthcare servicing the elderly : medical emergency transportation systems as a sample case / K.V. Ujimoto, S. Kwon.
Technology acceptance and aging / S. Merkel, P. Enste, J. Hilbert, C.C. Ke, A.H.-S. Chan, S. Kwon.
Health management, health promotion, and disease prevention in gerontechnology / T.J. McCallum, E.M. Agree, J.F. Coppola.
Setting technology into context for mild to severe cognitive impairments in old age: psychological perspectives / L. Schmidt, K. Classen, H.-W. Wahl.
Designing technology for older adults : augmenting usefulness and usability via cognitive support / C.B. Mayhorn, W.A. Rogers, K.V. Echt.
Isolation and gerontechnology : computer-assisted social engagement / N.E. Cutler.
Silver product development : the concept of autonomy as the common denominator in innovations for older users / F. Kohlbacher, C. Herstatt.
Marketing to aging consumers / J. Thanasrivanitchai, R. Shannon, G.P. Moschis.
Synopsis : lessons learned, long-term guidelines, and how to live a livable life in old age with likable technologies / S. Kwon.
Epilogue : a ten-year growth spurt in applications to aging in human factors and ergonomics / J.L. Fozard.