Table of Contents

The Unknown Proteins Coded by the Human Chromosome.
Chromosome Transcript Profiling.
Standardization of Proteome Annotations.
Mass Spectrometry Protein Sequencing Technology Platforms.
Post Translational Modifications within the Human Proteome.
NAPPA Array.
Protein Microarray Technology.
Clinical Bioinformatics.
A New Emerging Science.
Computational Science within Genomics and Proteomics.
Rapid Advances in the Field of Epigenetics. This book offers a valuable resource that allows students, researchers, educators and the general public to learn about proteomics and genomics. Chromosomes form the basis for our genetic heritage and are the code for protein synthesis. The Human Genome Map was presented in 2002, and the Proteome Sequence Map is currently being created by a global consortia initiative. Proteome and genome building blocks already form the basis of scientific research areas and shape major areas of the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. The book provides background information on and our current understanding of these gene and protein areas, and explains in detail how cutting-edge science is using these resources to develop new medicines and new diagnostics for patient treatment and care. The book will benefit all students and researchers who need a good understanding of genomics and proteomics within the clinical field. Its content is also suitable for a broad readership, including those not specialized in this field. Dr. Marko-Varga is head of Div. Clinical Protein Science & Imaging at the Biomedical Center, Dept. of Measurement Technology and Industrial Electrical Engineering, Lund University. He's also Professor at the 1st Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan.