Terkko Navigator / Genetics Terkko Navigator / Genetics - RSS Feed Genetics Terkko - University of Helsinki Library Importing genetically altered animals: ensuring quality http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00335-021-09908-x 2021-09-18 19:22:15 A B73 x Palomero Toluqueo mapping population reveals local adaptation in Mexican highland maize http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.15.460568v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 Hotter chili peppers by hybridisation: heterosis and reciprocal effects http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460669v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 3D virtual Histopathology of Cardiac Tissue from Covid-19 Patients based on Phase-Contrast X-ray Tomography http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460594v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 Altered fibrin clot structure contributes to thrombosis risk in severe COVID-19 http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460777v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 Global chromosome topology and the two-component systems in concerted manner regulate transcription in Streptomyces http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.15.460574v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 Androglobin, a chimeric mammalian globin, is required for male fertility http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460596v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 A Novel Mistranslating tRNA Model in Drosophila melanogaster has Diverse, Sexually Dimorphic Effects http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460863v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 19:07:19 Variations of tongue coating microbiota in children with Henoch-Schönlein purpura nephritis https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0882401021004666?dgcid=rss_sd_all 2021-09-18 17:51:36 An evidence of microalgal peptides to target spike protein of COVID-19: In silico approach https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0882401021004630?dgcid=rss_sd_all 2021-09-18 17:51:36 Association of a genetic variant in Interleukin-10 gene with increased risk and inflammation associated with cervical cancer https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037811192100528X?dgcid=rss_sd_all 2021-09-18 15:51:50 Hi-C profiling of cancer spheroids identifies 3D-growth-specific chromatin interactions in breast cancer endocrine resistance https://clinicalepigeneticsjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13148-021-01167-6 2021-09-18 15:37:06 Genes, Vol. 12, Pages 1443: Breeding Tomato Hybrids for Flavour: Comparison of GWAS Results Obtained on Lines and F1 Hybrids https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/12/9/1443 2021-09-18 15:07:04 Genes, Vol. 12, Pages 1442: Tensor-Decomposition-Based Unsupervised Feature Extraction in Single-Cell Multiomics Data Analysis https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/12/9/1442 2021-09-18 15:07:04 Genes, Vol. 12, Pages 1441: Genetic Variation in PADI6-PADI4 on 1p36.13 Is Associated with Common Forms of Human Generalized Epilepsy https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/12/9/1441 2021-09-18 15:07:04 Compound heterozygous KCNV2 variants contribute to cone dystrophy with supernormal rod responses in a Chinese family https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mgg3.1795?af=R 2021-09-18 14:22:47 Far and wide: Exploring provider utilization of remote service provision for genome‐wide sequencing in Canada https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mgg3.1784?af=R 2021-09-18 14:22:47 Clinical RNA sequencing confirms compound heterozygous intronic variants in RYR1 in a patient with congenital myopathy, respiratory failure, neonatal brain hemorrhage, and d‐transposition of the great arteries https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/mgg3.1804?af=R 2021-09-18 14:22:47 Darwin's finches - an adaptive radiation constructed from ancestral genetic modules http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460815v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 12:52:12 Development and validation of a 1 K sika deer (Cervus nippon) SNP Chip http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/s12863-021-00994-z 2021-09-18 12:52:12 Genes, Vol. 12, Pages 1440: Genetic Variants and Somatic Alterations Associated with MITF-E318K Germline Mutation in Melanoma Patients https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/12/9/1440 2021-09-18 12:37:54 Genes, Vol. 12, Pages 1439: The Mitochondrial Trigger in an Animal Model of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/12/9/1439 2021-09-18 12:37:54 The response of a metapopulation to a changing environment http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460820v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 11:06:36 SGLT2 inhibitors therapy protects glucotoxicity-induced β-cell failure in a mouse model of human KATP-induced diabetes trough mitigation of oxidative and ER stress http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460837v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 11:06:36 Transformation of Primary Sensory Cortical Representations from Layer 4 to Layer 2 http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460780v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 11:06:36 Mapping Pontocerebellar Connectivity with Diffusion MRI http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460781v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 11:06:36 Two common and distinct forms of variation in human functional brain networks http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460799v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 11:06:36 Genome-wide analysis reveals associations between climate and regional patterns of adaptive divergence and dispersal in American pikas https://www.nature.com/articles/s41437-021-00472-3 2021-09-18 11:06:36 A novel variant in DYNC1H1 could contribute to human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-frontotemporal dementia spectrum. [Research Report] http://molecularcasestudies.cshlp.org/cgi/content/short/mcs.a006096v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 10:36:26 Cellular heterogeneity of human fallopian tubes in normal and hydrosalpinx disease states identified by scRNA-seq http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460628v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 The Barley HvSTP13GR mutant triggers resistance against biotrophic fungi http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460598v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 A Novel Model of Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis with Antiestrogen Responsiveness http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460665v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 No impact of biocontrol predator on development time or size of surviving Aedes albopictus under optimal nutritional availability http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460697v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 COMPARISON OF WOODY SPECIES DIVERSITY AND POPULATION STRUCTURE STATUS ACROSS DIFFERENT MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IN THE GOLA NATURAL VEATION, EASTER HARARGHE, OROMIA OF ETHIOPIA http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460790v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Gp78-mediated basal mitophagy promotes mitochondrial health and limits mitochondrial ROS production http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460825v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Therapeutic anti-PD-L1 antibody affects ESCRT-mediated functions in cells expressing oncogenic EGFR. http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460833v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Metabolic diversity and aero-tolerance in anammox bacteria from geochemically distinct aquifers http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460709v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Effects of early life adversity on meningeal mast cells and proinflammatory gene expression in male and female Mus musculus http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460793v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Discovery of frog virus 3 microRNAs and their roles in evasion of host antiviral responses http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460379v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Therapeutic role of Filarial HSP70 in murine models of polymicrobial sepsis and H1N1 Influenza http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460786v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 m6A modifications regulate intestinal immunity and rotavirus infection http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460776v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Quantifying the propagation of parametric uncertainty on flux balance analysis http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460685v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Programmable mammalian translational modulators by CRISPR-associated proteins http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460758v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 A simple method for in situ, multiplexed measurement of RNA degradation by flow cytometry http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460772v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 AHK5 mediates ETR1-initiated multistep phosphorelay in Arabidopsis http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460643v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Molecular plasticity to soil water deficit differs between sessile oak (Quercus Petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) high and low water use efficiency genotypes http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460634v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Pharmacological rescue of tumor intrinsic STING expression and immune response in LKB1-mutant lung cancer via the IAP-JAK regulatory axis http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460294v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Modulation of optical speaker using biogenic guanine platelets floating in water http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460721v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Antioxidant Response Activating nanoParticles (ARAPas) localize to atherosclerotic plaque and locally activate the Nrf2 pathway http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.16.460323v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18 Kalium rhodopsins: Natural light-gated potassium channels http://biorxiv.org/cgi/content/short/2021.09.17.460684v1?rss=1 2021-09-18 09:08:18