Table of Contents

Recent developments in the definition and official names of virus species / M.H.V. Van Regenmortel.
A theory-based pragmatism for discovering and classifying newly divergent species of bacterial pathogens / F.M. Cohan, Sarah Kopac.
Population structure of pathogenic bacteria / C.P. Andam, L. Challagundla, T. Azarian, W.P. Hanage, D.A. Robinson.
Epidemiology and evolution of fungal pathogens in plants / P. Gladieux, E.J. Byrnes III, G. Aguileta, M. Fisher, R.B. Billmyre, J. Heitman, T. Giraud.
Clonal evolution / T. de Mee©s, F. Prugnolle.
Coevolution of host and pathogen / A.D. Morgan, B. Koskella.
Microbes as tracers of past human demography and migrations / J.-P. Rasigade, A. Gilabert, T. Wirth.
Phylogenetic analysis of pathogens / D.A. Morrison.
Evolutionary responses of infectous diseases / G. Cochran, H. Harpending.
Infectous disease genomics / Y.-T. Liu.
Proteomics and host-pathogen interactions / D.G. Biron, D. Nedelkov, D. Miss©♭, P. Holzmuller.
The evolution of antibiotic resistance / F. Gonz©Łlez-Candelas, I. Comas, J.L. Martinez, J.C. Gal©Łn, F. Baquero.
Modern morphometrics of medically important anthropods / J.-P. Dujardin.
Evolution of resistance to insecticide in disease vectors / P. Labb©♭, J.-P. David, H. Alout, P. Milesi, L. Djogb©♭nou, N. Pasteur, M. Weill.
Genetics of major insect vectors / P.L. Dorn, S. Justi, E.S. Krasfur, G.C. Lanzaro, A.J. Cornel, Y. Lee, C.A. Hill.
Multilocus sequence typing of pathogens / M. P©♭rez-Losada, M. Arenas, E. Castro-Nallar.
Next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and infectous diseases / R. van Aerle, M. van der Giezen.
Genomics of infectous diseases and private industry / G. Vernet.
Current progress in the pharmacogenetics of infectous disease tehrapy / E. Elliot, T. Mahungu, A. Owen.
Genetic exchange in trypanosomatids and its relevance to epidemiology / W. Gibson, M.D. Lewis, M. Yeo, M.A. Miles.
Genomic insights into the past, current, and future evolution of human parasites of the genus plasmodium / C.J. Sutherland, S.D. Polley.
Integrated genetic epidemiology of chagas disease / M. Tibayrenc, M.A. Shaw.
Adaptive evolution of the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex to different hosts / E. Broset, J. Gonzalo-Asensio.
The evolution and dynamics of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus / M.M.H. Adelbary, P. Basset, D.S. Blanc, E.J. Feil.
Origin and emergence of HIV/AIDS / M. D'arc, L. Etienne, E. Delaporte, M. Peeters.
Evolution of SARS coronavirus and the relevance of modern molecular epidemiology / Z. Shi, L.-F. Wang.
Ecology and evolution of avian influenza viruses / A.C. Hurt, R.A.M. Fouchier, D. Vijaykrishna