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Genetically Modified Food; Abstract; Table of contents; Acronyms and abbreviations; List of figures; List of tables; Introduction; 1 Portrait: Genetically modified food; 2 Trade policy: Two approaches; 3 The legal framework for trade with GMOs; 4 Tensions between GMO trade policy and environmental policy objectives; 5 Consequences for international trade; Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography; Autorenprofil. HauptbeschreibungThe controversial issue of genetically modified (GM) food is discussed in this book. While the United States (US) is a strong supporter of GM technology having adopted a rather lax regulation of trade with GM products, the European Union (EU) is representing a sceptical position towards this new technology and has even imposed a de facto moratorium on further approval of GM products from 1998 to 2004. The purpose of this book is an extensive analysis of the current status on risks and benefits of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and a suggestion on how an appropriate regu.