Table of Contents

Introduction to genes and nutrition.
Nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics / Kamon Chaiyasit.
Databases and tools in nutrigenomics.
Vitamin D polymorphism and cancer.
Nutrition and viral mutation: a brief review.
Physiological genomics analysis on "nutrition".
Mutation prone points in transferrin receptors.
Mutation prone points in MC4 receptors.
Elongation of beta globin chains in hemoglobin tak disorder might be preventive factor for complication due to energy consumption in hemoglobin A1C formation in poor controlled diabetes mellitus.
Identification of mutation prone points in long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency.
Blood borne viral pathogens in breastmilk and the feasibility of it passing thorough the enterocytes of an infant: an example of direct interrelationship between genetic particles and nutrition.
A summary on Pompe disease, an inherited abnormality of glycogen, in Thailand.