Table of Contents

The optional-infinitive stage in child English / Tony Harris & Ken Wexler.
Towards a structure-building model of acquisition / Andrew Radford.
The underspecification of functional categories in early grammar / Nina Hyams.
Lexical learning in early syntactic development / Harald Clahsen, Sonja Eisenbeiss & Martina Penke.
Strong continuity, parameter setting, and the trigger hierarchy : on the acquisition of the DP in Bernese Swiss German and High German / Zvi Penner & Jürgen Weissenborn.
Subject-verb and object-verb agreement in early Basque / Jürgen M. Meisel & Maria-Jose Ezeizabarrena.
Acquisition of Italian interrogatives / Maria Teresa Guasti.
Root infinitives, clitics, and truncated structures / Liliane Haegeman.
On the acquisition of subject and object clitics in French / Cornelia Hamann, Luigi Rizzi & Uli H. Frauenfelder.
Clitics in L2 French / Lydia White.
The initial hypothesis of syntax : a minimalist perspective on language acquisition and attrition / Christer Platzack.
The role of merger theory and formal features in acquisition / Thomas Roeper.
Now, hang on a minute : some reflections on emerging orthodoxies / Martin Atkinson.