Table of Contents

Introduction and the nature of radiosurgery.
Principles of stereotaxy.
Ionizing radiation and its effects on living tissue.
Biological effects of ionizing radiation.
Ionizing radiation and clinical practice.
Gamma knife development from 1967 to 2010.
Radiophysics, radiobiology and the gamma knife.
Preparation for treatment planning.
Dose plan indices.
Gamma knife surgery and computer networks.
Aims of gamma knife surgery.
Principles of information and follow up.
Vestibular schwannomas.
Gamma knife for cerebral metastases.
Intraparenchymal intrinsic brain tumors.
Tumors of the pituitary region.
Less common skull base tumors.
Gamma knife for cerebral vascular anomalies.
Trigeminal neuralgia.
Diverse functional indications.
Rare tumors and other lesions.
Orbital indications.
Conclusion and possible future trends.