Table of Contents

An introduction to fixed prosthodontics.
Fundamentals of occlusion.
Interocclusal records.
Articulation of casts.
Treatment planning for single-tooth restorations.
Treatment planning for the replacement of missing teeth.
Fixed partial denture and implant configurations.
Principles of tooth preparations.
Preparations for full coverage crowns.
Preparations for partial coverage crowns.
Preparations for intracoronal restorations.
Preparations for severely debilitated teeth.
Preparations for periodontally weakened teeth.
Provisional restorations.
Fluid control and soft tissue management.
Working casts and dies.
Wax patterns.
Investing and casting.
Cementation and bonding.
Esthetic considerations.
All-ceramic restorations.
Metal-ceramic restorations.
Pontics and edentulous ridges.
Solder joints and other connectors.
Restoration of osseointegrated dental implants.
Single-tooth implant restoration.
Multiple-tooth implant restoration.