Table of Contents

Front Matter; Functional and Selective Neck Dissection; 1. Historical Outlook; 2. Rationale and Anatomical Basis for Functional and Selective Neck Dissection; 3. Conceptual Approach to Functional and Selective Neck Dissection; 4. Surgical Technique; 5. Hints and Pitfalls; 6. Complications; 7. Frequently Asked Questions; Suggested Readings; Index. In the book the authors differentiate between conceptual approaches and surgical techniques. The former constitute keystones in the evolution of scientific knowledge. The latter only imply technical variations of the new approach. Functional neck dissection must be included within the first group since it reflects a new original approach to the problem of lymph node metastases in head and neck cancer. Selective neck dissections belong to the second group since they share with the new concept the same rationale and indications, and constitute only technical variations designed to fit the operat.