Table of Contents

Where to start.
Nonneoplastic flags.
Cerebral parenchymal lesions: I. Metastatic neoplasms.
Cerebral parenchymal lesions: II. Primary tumors.
Dural-based tumors.
Intraventricular lesions.
Cerebellar lesions.
Pituitary gland and sellar lesions.
Pineal gland lesions.
Spinal cord lesions. Frozen section of Neuropathology - related cases is performed while the patient is undergoing surgery. Intraoperative consultation is used to help guide intraoperative management of the case and to ensure that adequate and appropriate tissue has been obtained for purposes of making an accurate final diagnosis. Frozen section diagnosis is often a highly demanding situation for the pathologist, who must render a diagnosis quickly and provide sound guidance and advice. In addition to the need for rapid recall of differential diagnoses, there are many pitfalls and artifacts that add to the risk of.