Table of Contents

1. Our steps on the Bickel way / Kjell Doksum and Ya'acov Rotov.
pt. I. Semiparametric modeling.
2. Semiparametric models: a review of progress since BKRW (1993) / Jon A. Wellner, Chris A.J. Klaassen and Ya'acov Ritov.
3. Efficient estimator for time series / Anton Schick and Wolfgang Wefelmeyer.
4. On the efficiency of estimation for single-index model / Yingcun Xia and Howell Tong.
5. Estimating function based cross-validation / M.J. van der Laan and Dan Rubin.
pt. II. Nonparametric methods.
6. Powerful choices: tuning parameter selection based on power / Kjell Doksum and Chad Schafer.
7. Nonaparametric assessment of atypicality / Peter Hall and Jim W. Kay.
8. Selective review on wavelets in statistics / Yazhen Wang.
9. Model diagnostics via martingale transforms: a brief review / Hira L. Koul.
pt. III. Statistical learning and bootstrap.
10. Boosting algorithms: with an application to bootstrapping multivariate time series / Peter Bühlmann and Roman W. Lutz.
11. Bootstrap methods: a review / S.N. Lahiro.
12. An expansion for a discrete non-lattice distribution / Friedrich Götze and Willem R. van Zwet.
IV. Longitudinal data analysis.
13. An overview on nonparametric and semiparametric techniques for longitudinal data / Jianqing Fan and Runze Li.
14. Regressing longitudinal response trajectories on a covariate / Hans-Georg Müller and Fang Yao.
pt. V. Statistics in science and technology.
15. Statistical physics and statistical computing: a critical link / James D. Servidea and Xiao-Li Meng.
16. Network tomography: a review and recent developments / Earl Lawrence, George Michailidis, Vijayan N. Nair and Bowei Xi.
pt. VI. Finanical econometrics.
17. Likelihood inference for diffusions: a survey / Yacine Aït-Sahalia.
18. Nonparametric estimation of production efficiency / Byeong U. Park, Seok-Oh Jeong, and Young Kyung Lee.
pt. VII. Parametric techniques and inferences.
19. Convergence and consistency of Newton's algorithm for estimating mixing distribution.
Jayanta K. Ghosh and Surya T. Tokdar.
Mixed models: an overview / Jiming Jiang and Zhiyu Ge.
21. Robust location and scatter estimators in multivariate analysis / Yijun Zuo.
22. Estimation of the loss of an estimate / Wing Hung Wong.