Table of Contents

From Goals to Data and Back Again; Contents; List of Exercises; List of Figures and Tables; Acknowledgments; 1. Why We Wrote This Book; 2. Identifying Goals; 3. Writing Measurable Goals; 4. Collecting the Data; 5. Putting It All Together.
Joey, Tyler, and Mai Lin; 6. From Data Collection to Data Analysis; 7. Detecting Change.
The Mean; 8. Measuring Reliability.
The Standard Deviation; 9. Exceptions That Prove the Rule.
Factor Data; 10. Coming Full Circle.
Joey, Tyler, and Mai Lin; 11. Conclusions; Appendix A Basic Intervention Goals for Children with Autism. Early intervention is now accepted as essential in helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) to cope with the future demands of daily living, education and long-term independence. Choosing the most suitable intervention strategy is difficult because there are a large number of theories, including TEACCH, Floor-time and ABA, and each child with autism presents differently. In this book, the authors argue that theory must be combined with data in order for it to be used effectively in developmental intervention. Aimed at professionals, as well as parents who want to be more involved.