Table of Contents

Docudrama as melodrama : representing Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher / Jonathan Bignell.
Docusoap / Gail Coles.
What's all this then? : the ideology of identity in The cops / Madeleine K. MacMurraugh-Kavanaugh.
Medicated soap : the woman doctor in television medical drama / Deborah Philips.
Performing (wo)manoeuvres : the progress of gendering in TV drama / Robin Nelson.
Patriarchal politics : Our friends in the north and the crisis of masculinity / Jeremy Ridgman.
Ga(y)zing at soap / Stephen Ferrier.
The black explorer : female identity in black feminist drama on British television in 1992 / Claire Tylee.
Cultural hybridity, masculinity, and nostalgia in the TV adaptation of The Buddha of suburbia / Bruce Carson.
The grotesque and the ideal : representations of Ireland and the Irish in popular comedy programmes on British TV / Margaret Llewellyn-Jones.
Diagnosing the alien : producing identities, American "quality" drama, and British television culture in the 1990s / Janet McCabe. "Television drama both reflects and contributes to the production of cultural identity. At a time of deep cultural uncertainty, how has this been represented within the programmes that help individuals make sense of their own lives and identities?" "This book addresses the question head on: the contributors examine a range of issues of identity in relation to the shifting historical context, while considering social class, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, and national/diaspora identity. These are debated in relation to current aesthetic and social concerns, and particular attention is paid to the changing identity of British television drama over the last 35 years." "This is the first book to give a comprehensive coverage of all the major debates within the field of TV drama while considering current programming in terms of the move away from the public service model of broadcasting as a whole."--Jacket.