Table of Contents

Introduction / Kathleen deMarrais and Stephen D. Lapan.
Being vulnerable and being ethical with/in research / Kit Tisdale.
Historical research / Kate Rousmaniere.
Qualitative interview studies : learning through experience / Kathleen deMarrais.
Owning significance : the critical incident technique in research / Daniel L. Kain.
Focus groups : more than a method of qualitative inquiry / Pamela B. Kleiber.
Exploring life and experience through narrative inquiry / Mary Kay Kramp.
Enjoining positionality and power in narrative work : balancing contentious and modulating forces / Juanita Johnson-Bailey.
Ethnomethodological and conversation analytic studies / Kathryn J. Roulston.
Fieldwork traditions : ethnography and participant observation / Judith Preissle and Linda Grant.
Reinscribing critique in educational ethnography : critical and postcritical ethnography / George W. Noblit.
Critical inquiry in qualitative research : feminist and poststructural perspectives : science "after truth" / Patti Lather.
Case study research / Patricia A. Hays.
Evaluation studies / Stephen D. Lapan.
Participatory evaluation / Gila Garaway.
Multimethod research / Paul A. Schutz, Courtney B. Chambless, and Jessica T. DeCuir.
Survey research / Susan R