Table of Contents

Formal concept analysis as mathematical theory of concepts and concept hierarchies / Rudolf Wille.
Semiconcept and protoconcept algebras : the basic theorems / Bjorn Vormbrock and Rudolf Wille.
Features of interaction between formal concept analysis and algebraic geometry / Tim Becker.
From formal concept anlysis to contextual logic / Frithjof Dau and Julia Klinger.
Contextual attribute logic of many-valued attribues / Bernhard Ganter.
Treating incomplete knowledge in formal concept analysis / Peter Burmeister and Richard Holzer.
States, transitions, and life tracks in temporal concept analysis / Karl Erich Woff.
Linguistic applications of formal concept analysis / Uta Priss.
Using conrcept lattices for text retrieval and mining / Claudio Carpineto and Giovanni Romano.
Efficient mining of association rules based on formal concept analysis / Lotfi Lakhal and Gerd Stumme.
Galois connections in data analysis : contributions from the Soviet era and modern Russian research / Sergei 0. Kuznetsov.
Conceptual knowledge proessing in the field of economics / Rudolf Wille.
A survey of formal concept analysis support for software engineering activities / Thomas Tilley ... [et al.].
Concept lattices in software analysis / Gregor Snelting.
Formial concept analysis used for software analysis and modelling / Wolfgang Hesse and Thomas Tilley.
Formal concept analysis-based class hierarchy design in object oriented software development / Robert Godin and Petko Valtchev.
The ToscanaJ suite for implementing conceptual information systems / Peter Becker and Joachim Hereth Correia.