Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Criminal and civil law for the psychiatrist in England and Wales.
3. Mental health and capacity laws including their administering bodies.
4. Legal arrangements in the rest of the British Isles and Islands.
5. Forensic psychiatry and its interfaces outside the UK and Ireland.
6. Psychiatric reports for legal purposes in England and Wales.
7. The psychosocial milieu of the offender.
8. Genetic influences on antisocial behaviour, problem substance use and schizophrenia : evidence from quantitative genetic and molecular geneic studies.
9. Violence.
10. Disordered and offensive sexual behaviour.
11. The majority of crime : theft, motoring and criminal damage (including arson).
12. Disorders of brain structure and function and crime.
13. Offenders with intellectual disabilities.
14. Psychosis, violence and crime.
15. Pathologies of passion and related antisocial behaviours.
16. Personality disorders.
17. Deception, dissociation and malingering.
18. Addictions and dependencies : their association with offending.
19. Juvenile offenders and adolescent psychiatry.
20. Women as offenders.
21. Older people and the criminal justice system.
22. Dangerousness.
23. Principles of treatment for the mentally disordered offender.
24. Forensic mental health services in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
25. Offenders and alleged offenders with mental disorder in non-medical settings.
26. Ethics in forensic psychiatry.
27. Deviant and sick medical staff.
28. Victims and survivors.