Table of Contents

Assessing child sexual abuse allegations in a legal context / Kathryn Kuehnle and Steven N. Sparta.
Evaluating the effects of domestic violence on children / Lois Oberlander Condie.
Child physical abuse and neglect: medical and other considerations in forensic psychological assessment / Amy C. Tishelman ... [et al.].
Assessing risk for violence among juvenile offenders / Randy Borum.
Psychological evaluation for child custody / Steven N. Sparta and Philip M. Stahl. Assessing childhood trauma and developmental factors as mitigation in capital cases / Alan M. Goldstein, Naomi E. Goldstein, and Rachel Kalbeitzer.
Assessing firesetting behavior in children and adolescents / David K. Wilcox.
The MMPI-A in forensic assessment / James N. Butcher and Kenneth S. Pope.
Measures for evaluating child sexual abuse / William N. Friedrich.
Measuring adolescent personality and psychopathology with the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) / Joseph T. McCann. Assessing eligibility for and appropriateness of special education services / Stephen T. DeMers and Leah Nellis.
Examining children in personal injury claims / Michael A. Goldberg.
Neuropsychological considerations in forensic child assessment / Karen E. Wills and Jerry J. Sweet.
A pediatric lead litigation primer: foundations for mental health assessment / Steven B. Bisbing. Avoiding malpractice in child forensic assessment / O. Brandt Caudill, Jr..
Working with courts, judges, and lawyers: what forensic mental health professionals should know about being expert witnesses / Steven R. Smith.
Interpreting forensic interview and test data of Latino children: recommendations for culturally competent evaluations / Roberto J. Velásquez ... [et al.].
Forensic interviewing of children and adolescents / Linda Sayler Gudas and Jerome M. Sattler. Bullying and stalking in children and adolescents: assessing obsessional harassment / Joseph T. McCann.
Forensic assessment of amenability to rehabilitation in juvenile delinquency / Robert Kinscherff.
Forensic assessment of parenting in child abuse and neglect cases / Catherine Ayoub and Robert Kinscherff.
Forensic evaluation of juvenile sexual offenders / David Medoff and Robert Kinscherff. The legal contexts of forensic assessment of children and families / Lois A. Weithorn.
Integrating assessment, treatment, and justice: pipe dream or possibility? / Gary B. Melton and Robin J. Kimbrough-Melton.
Ethical issues in forensic assessment of children and adolescents / Gerald P. Koocher.
Ten rules: how to get along better with lawyers and the legal system / William E. Foote. Provides information and suggestions for conducting forensic mental health evaluations of children and adolescents. A range of assessment problems are described in this book, along with discussions about measurement techniques and forensic issues related to minors.