Table of Contents

Staining Techniques and Microscopy.
Histopathology of Selected Trauma.
Histopathology and Drug Abuse.
Toxin- and Drug-Induced Pathologies.
Alcohol-Related Histopathology.
Heat, Fire, Electricity, Lightning, Radiation, and Gases.
Thrombosis and Embolism.
Vitality, Injury Age, Determination of Skin Wound Age, and Fracture Age.
Aspiration and Inhalation.
Forensic-Histological Diagnosis of Species, Gender, Age, and Identity.
Coronary Sclerosis, Myocardial Infarction, Myocarditis, Cardiomyopathy, Coronary Anomalies, and the Cardiac Conduction System.
Vascular, Cardiac Valve, and Metabolic Diseases.
Lethal Infections, Sepsis, and Shock.
Endocrine Organs.
Pregnancy-Related Death, Death in Newborns, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Forensic Cytology.
Histothanatology: Autolysis, Putrefaction, Mummification.
Forensic Neuropathology.