Table of Contents

1. Historical Dental Investigations.
2. Dental Detectives.
3. The Next Level in Victim Identification: Materials Properties as an Aid in Victim Identification.
4. Forensic Dentistry Investigation Protocols.
5. Recognition, Documentation, Evidence Collection and Interpretation of Bitemark Evidence.
6. Bitemarks in England and Wales.
7. Legal Issues Concerning Bitemark Evidence? in the United States.
8. DNA for First Responders: Recognizing, Collecting and Analyzing Biological Evidence Related to Dentistry.
9. Missing/Unidentified Persons: The National Crime Information Center Dental Enhancements.
10. The Disaster Victim Identification: Its General Structure and the Swiss Involvement.
11. Recognizing, Documenting and Analyzing Physical Evidence in Abuse Cases.
12. Managing a Mass Fatality Incident.
13. Identifying Victims of 9/11 at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner New York City.
14. Australasian and Multinational Disaster Victim Identification (DVI).
15. Photography and Forensic Dental Evidence.
16. The Use of Digital Imaging in Human Identification and Crime Scene Analysis. Forensic Dental Evidence, 2nd Edition establishes a foundation for dental investigation methodology - not only the reasons and the need behind the protocols, but the processes that should be used in gathering and preserving evidence to extract vital physical (impression) or biological (DNA) information. Included are details on how to identify various types of dental evidence, how to document, collect and preserve the evidence and the legal requirements regarding collection, storage and chain of custody issues. This new edition will be of great utility for forensic scientists and law enforcement involved in processing crime scenes, conducting criminal investigations, and analyzing crime scene and dental evidence. This book will also serve as an excellent reference for other forensic professionals such as: medical examiners, forensic pathologists, crime scene investigators, who are often called on as expert witnesses. Defense and prosecuting attorneys will also find this title a must have for their library. * Provides the basis of knowledge and training in forensic odontology that will extend into crime scene investigations and the crime laboratory. * Contains over 200 photographs of crime scene evidence and bitemark details. * Offers previously unavailable facts on digital comparison techniques and the latest technology used in photographing and recording dental evidence.