Table of Contents

Materials and methods.
Footmarks of INIM.
Cytokeratin-positive cells (CK+) as potential dendritic cells.
Characterization of isolated CK+ cells.
Working hypothesis and challenges.
Clinical perspectives.
Concluding summary and remarks. The monograph introduces innate immunity as second authority in the ovary besides the endocrine system. Innate immunity appears to orchestrate follicular atresia, follicle rupture, follicle transformation into a corpus luteum (CL) and CL regression through nonsterile inflammation and tissue repair. The concept is new. It centres on cytokeratin-positive (CK+) cells being recognized as a potential nonlymphoid dendritic cell type (DC). Part I describes morphological aspects of immune privilege starting with active hamster ovary implants into the chicken chorioallantois membrane. Follicular atresi.