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Preliminaries; Contents; 1 Introduction; 2 Detecting pathogens in food; 3 Modelling the growth survival and death of bacterial pathogens in food; 4 Risk assessment and pathogen management; 5 HACCP in farm production; 6 Hygienic plant design and sanitation; 7 Safe process design and operation; 8 The effective implementation of HACCP systems in food processing; 9 Good practices for food handlers and consumers; 10 Pathogenic Escherichia coli; 11 Salmonella; 12 Listeria monocytogenes; 13 Campylobacter and Arcobacter. As trends in foodborne disease continue to rise, the effective identification and control of pathogens becomes ever more important for the food industry. With its distinguished international team of contributors, Foodborne pathogens provides an authoritative and practical guide to effective control measures and how they can be applied in practice to individual pathogens.