Table of Contents

(cont) Effects of nutrients on neurotransmitter release / Richard J. Wurtman.
Performance-enhancing effects of protein and amino acids / Carol E. Greenwood.
Tyrosine and stress: human and animal studies / Harris R. Lieberman.
Tyrosine and glucose modulation of cognitive deficits resulting from cold stress / Stephen T. Ahlers ... [et al.].
Carbohydrates, protein and performance / Bonnie J. Spring, Regina Pingitore, Jen Schoenfeld.
Structured lipids: an overview and comments on performance enhancement potential / Ronald J. Jandacek.
Choline: human requirements and effects on human performance / Steven H. Zeisel.
Effects of caffeine on cognitive performance, mood and alertness in sleep-deprived humans / David M. Penetar ... [et al.].
Role of carnitine in enhancing physical performance / Peggy R. Borum.
Safety and regulatory aspects of potential ration enhancement.
Safety concerns regarding supplemental amino acids: results of a study / Timothy J. Maher.
Regulation of amino acids and other dietary components associated with enhanced physical performance / John E. Vanderveen. (cont) Scenarios that illustrate potential usefulness of food components to enhance performance / Harris R. Lieberman, Mary Z. Mays.
Military recommended dietary allowances, AR 40-25 (1985).
Selected bibliography on an evaluation of potential performance-enhancing food components for operational rations. Background and introduction to the topic.
Nutritional enhancement of soldier performance at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, 1985-1992 / Eldon W. Askew.
Optimizing the design of combat rations / Irwin A. Taub.
Biochemical strategies for ration design: concerns of bioavailability / C. Patrick Dunne.
Military issues.
Evaluation of physical performance / James A. Vogel.
Effects of sleep deprivation on performance during continuous combat operations / Gregory Gelenky ... [et al.].
Role of context in behavioral effects of foods / Herbert L. Meiselman, F. Matthew Kramer.
Stress and nutrient interactions: metabolic consequences.
Stress and monoamine neurons in the brain / John D. Fernstrom.
Endocrine and immune system responses to stress / William R. Beisel.
Metabolic responses to stress and physical activity / Edward S. Horton, William R. Beisel.
Potential performance-enhancing food components.
Food components that may optimize physical performance: an overview / John L. Ivy.