Table of Contents

"Food goes nano" : new horizons for food structure research.
Diffusing wave spectroscopy studies of gel formation.
Microstructural evolution of mixed gels and their rheological behaviour.
The formation and properties of biopolymer gels.
Physical and chemical interactions in pH-induced aggregation and gelation of whey proteins.
Fibril-based mesostructures and their rheological response.
Colloidal aggregation : mechanisms and implications.
Protease-induced nano-tubular gels from [alpha]-lactalbumin.
Macrostructure and viscosity of aggregating colloidal casein micelles under strong shearing forces.
Effect of surfactants on rheological properties of acid induced sodium caseinate emulsion gels.
Role of calcium phosphate in the high-pressure-induced gelation of milk.
Influence of pulsed electric field processing on the structure and gelation of egg white.
Comparing nucleation and crystallization behaviour in bulk and emulsified fat systems.
Impact of fine particles and their wettability on coalescence and phase inversion in sunflower oil + water systems.
Effects of stress relaxation in soy glycinin films on bubble dissolution and foam stability.
Measurement of bubble instability under conditions of rapid pressure change.
Failure behaviour of adsorbed protein layers : consequences for emulsion and foam stability.
Entering and spreading of protein-stabilized emulsion droplets at the expanding air-water interface.
Interfacial mechanisms underlying lipid damage of beer foam.
Dynamics of protein adsorption layers at liquid interfaces.
Static and dynamic properties of proteins adsorbed at three different liquid interfaces.
Adsorption properties and conformational aspects of proteins at the air-water interface measured by infra-red reflection absorption spectrometry.
Effect of ionic calcium on the flocculation and gelation of sodium caseinate oil-in- water emulsions.
In situ deformation of hydrated food samples.
Coil-helix transition of [iota]-carrageenan as a function of chain regularity : the effect of counterion valency.
Stability of spray-dried protein-stabilized emulsions : effects of different carbohydrate additives.
Glutenin macropolymer is a gel formed by particles : average particle size determines the gel rigidity.
Phase separation in mixed biopolymer systems.
Structure evolution during phase separation and gelation of biopolymer mixtures.
Effect of temperature and hydrodynamic conditions on structure and drop size in a phase-separated gelatin + dextran system.
Spatial distribution of mixed whey proteins at the air-water interface.
Soluble complexes of gum arabic with [alpha]-lactalbumin, and [beta]-lactoglobulin above the protein isoelectric point : analysis in terms of charge patches.
Complex coacervation of globular proteins and gum arabic.
Structure and properties of carrageenan + micellar casein mixtures.
Pressure effects on mixtures of hydrocolloids and milk proteins.
Influence of starch-flavour interactions on structural properties of aqueous starch dispersions.
Interfacial rheology and interfacial gelation partitioning.
Protein + small-molecule surfactant mixtures : thermodynamics of interactions and functionality.
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