Table of Contents

Cover; Half-title; Series-title; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Illustrations; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Preface; INTRODUCTION; CHAPTER 1 Diet; CHAPTER 2 Food and the economy; CHAPTER 3 Food crisis; CHAPTER 4 Malnutrition; CHAPTER 5 Otherness; CHAPTER 6 Forbidden foods; CHAPTER 7 Food and the family; CHAPTER 8 Haves and havenots; CHAPTER 9 You are with whom you eat; Conclusion: choice and necessity; Bibliographical essay; Bibliography; Index. This is a general study of food in antiquity. The book deals with food as food or nutrition. It also treats the non-food uses of food, focusing on the role of food in forming and marking the social hierarchy. Food defines the group, whether social, religious, philosophical or political.