Table of Contents

The future of molecular and biomolecular imaging in prostate cancer / Michael S. Gee and Mukesh G. Harisinghani.
Energies for focal ablation : cryoablation / John F. Ward.
Focal salvage cryoablation in recurrent prostate cancer / Katsuto Shinohara.
Energies for focal ablation : high intensity focused ultrasound / Hashim Uddin Ahmed and Mark Emberton.
Energies for focal ablation : photodynamic therapy / Caroline M. Moore, Nimalan Arumainayagam and Mark Emberton.
Focal therapy for prostate cancer using radiation / Irving Kaplan, Elizabeth Genega and Neil Rofsky.
Image registration and fusion for image-guided focal ablation / Dean Barratt and David Hawkes.
Determining success of focal therapy : biochemical and biopsy strategies / Al Barqawi, Paul Maroni, E. David Crawford.
Determining success of focal therapy : imaging / Alex Kirkham and Clare Allen.
Focal therapy in localised prostate cancer : future perspectives / Hashim Uddin Ahmed and Mark Emberton. The rationale for focal therapy of prostate cancer / Cole Davis, Matthew Cooperberg, and Peter R. Carroll.
Factors that affect patients choice of treatment / Deb Feldman-Stewart and Michael D. Brundage.
Histological trends and the index lesion in localized prostate cancer / Vladimir Mouraviev, Thomas Wheeler and Thomas J. Polascik.
Selection criteria for prostate cancer focal therapy / Rajat K. Jain, Timothy K. Ito and Samir S. Taneja.
Localisation of cancer within the gland : biopsy strategies / Winston E. Barzell and Rodrigo Pinochet.
Localisation of cancer within the gland : ultrasound imaging / Ing. U. Scheipers.
Localization of cancer within the prostate : dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic.
Resonance imaging / Philippe Puech, Anwar Padhani, Laurent Lemaitre, Nacim Betrouni, Pierre Colin and Arnauld Villers.
Localization of cancer within the gland : diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate / Sophie F. Riches, Nina Tunariu and Nandita M. Desouza --
This book comprehensively reviews the potential of focal therapy and discusses why the changing face of prostate cancer warrants a change in the way we treat men with the disease. It deals with the mechanisms by which disease can be localized within the gland and then the different technologies used for focal ablation. Bringing together eminent contributors in one accessible reference, this book introduces focal therapy to all urologists, oncologists, and radiologists who are involved in the treatment of men with prostate cancer.
Ahmed, Hashim Uddin