Table of Contents

My fond memories of Dr. Woo.
his mentorship, uncanny insights, and my good fortune / Todd Doehring.
Teacher, mentor and guide / Serena Chan Saw.
An inspiration to generations of engineers, scientists, and physicians / Kristen L. Moffat.
A provident decision / Kwang Kim.
Happy birthday Dr. Woo / Maria Apreleva-Scheffler and Sven Scheffler.
Making something out of nothing / Steven Abramowitch.
The importance of an advisor / Akihiro and Jennifer Kanamori.
Bringing us together / Alejandro Almarza and Sabrina Noorani.
Marriages and lifelong friendships / Carrie (Voycheck) Rainis.
Coming full circle: Dr. Woo as a mentor and a colleague / Mininder S. Kocher.
[He Hu Liuyuan jiao shou 70 sui sheng ri] / Guoan Li.
The Confucius of biomechanics / Daniel K. Moon.
Strive for excellence / Thomas W. Gilbert.
We are getting mature / Yoshitsugu Takeda.
[He gu xi] / Masataka Sakane.
Nice to meet you / Yukihisa Fukuda.
Congratulations for Dr. Woo's 70 years young birthday from a Japanese fellow / Kazutomo Miura.
A great mentor / Sinan Karaoglu.
....You are my teacher you are my family / Fabio Vercillo.
Quickly learn to use chopsticks / Louis E. DeFrate.
An incredible inspiration / Mara Schenker.
Chinese food and Dr. Woo / Noah Papas.
You don't have to be an Einstein... / Xia Guo.
My eternal professor! / Greg Carlin.
Happy birthday, Dr. Woo / Guoguang Yang.
An education and experience of a lifetime / Richard Debski.
Milestone and testament / Kevin Hildebrand.
A real leader / Dimosthenis Alaseirlis.
Reflections on my time at the MSRC with Dr. Woo / Ken Fischer.
Tribute to Savio L-Y. Woo on his 70th birthday / Christopher Schmidt.
Dr. Savio Woo.
the researcher, teacher and Olympic medalist / C. Benjamin Ma.
Discipline & inspiration.
a brief story of good mentorship / Christopher A. Carruthers.
Lunchtime in the library: the talented storyteller / Katie Farraro.
Dr. Woo's 70th birthday tribute.
ties in Pittsburgh and Tokyo / Takatoshi Shimomura.
Commitment, dedication and pride / Andrew Feola.
Thank you from northeastern Japan / Yasuyuki Ishibashi.
A fantastic leader / Stefano Zaffagnini.
Almost like a father / Masayoshi Yagi.
Celebrating with family and friends / Becky (Levine) Leibowitz.
Dr. Woo: my mentor forever / Yuhua Song.
To my lifetime mentor on his seventieth birthday / Fengyan Jia.
The days of our years.
a tribute To Dr. Woo on his 70th birthday / Changfu Wu.
The best teacher / Sarita Maheedhara.
Compassionate instructions / Yuji Yamamoto.
A wise mentor / Ben Rothrauff.
The last "real" teacher / Matteo Maria Tei.
A priviledge to meet Dr. Woo as a person and as a professional / Gustavo Miguel Azcona Arteaga.
Happy 70th birthday Dr. Woo! / Eiichi Tsuda.
Heartiest congratulations / Rajesh Jari.
Tribute to Dr. Woo from the Stehle's / Jens Stehle.
"Uncle Savio" / Chee-Hahn Hung.
Happy birthday Dr. Woo! / David Provenzano. My tribute to Dr. Woo / Eric Wong.
A toast to Savio / Y. C. and Luna Fung.
Happy 70th birthday, dear Savio! / Shu Chien.
Congratulations Savio on your 70th birthday!! / Albert and Betty Kobayashi.
In the presence of greatness / Chancellor Michael Lovell.
O! What a beautiful day / President H.K. Chang.
A tribute to Professor Savio L-Y. Woo on the occasion of his 70th birthday / Provost Emeritus James V. Maher.
A most accomplished scholar, family man and friend / Dean Gerald Holder.
Esteemed friend and colleague / Dean Cliff Brubaker.
For celebration of the seventieth anniversary of Dr. Savio L-Y. Woo / Theodore Wu.
To my birthday twin and grandmaster of the ACL reconstruction / Sheldon Weinbaum.
A friend indeed! / Ed Chao.
The bioengineering family / Robert M. Nerem.
Have a wonderful 70th birthday and many happy returns / Albert King.
Savio Woo: we applaud a pioneer in bioengineering / Geert W. Schmid-Schönbein.
A tribute to Savio L-Y. Woo / Thomas Budinger.
Leadership, research excellence, and great Chinese food / Steven Goldstein.
An extraordinary investigator and educator / John Watson.
Happy 70th birthday, Savio / Kerong Dai.
Congratulations Savio! / Tingye Li.
it is next to paradise / Tim Thomassen.
Memories from college life / Jeremy and Barbara Jones.
Tribute to Savio Woo / Wayne Akeson.
Our special partnership and friendship / David Amiel.
It started with a bump / Peter Chen.
Three cheers for Dr. Woo's birthday / Michael Yen.
Professor Savio Woo.
pioneer and promotor of soft tissues / Albert J. and Elizabeth Banes.
An exemplary role model / Eva and Wen-Hwa Lee.
Good health, good luck and happiness always / Winston and Priscilla Tsang.
Happy 70th birthday to a dear friend / Brad and Loretta Sowers.
To the celebration of Savio's 70th birthday! / Ikuko Seguchi.
A tribute to Dr. Savio L-Y. Woo for his distinguished career and happiness / Tin-Kan Hung and Shunan Cho Hung.
Congratulations x 70! / Kai-Nan An.
Congratulations Savio: the field is a better place because of you / Thomas Andriacchi.
A tribute to Savio Woo on his 70th birthday / Jody and Kitty Buckwalter.
Happy 70th birthday to my friend and mentor / Steven P. Arnoczky.
A tribute to my good friend, Savio Woo / David Butler.
A tribute to Dr. Savio Woo / Malcolm Pope.
Vision, knowledge and wisdom / Richard Steadman.
Un grande maestro / Giuliano Cerulli.
Savio L-Y. Woo.
a distinguished professor, teacher, scientist, tennis player and friend / Per Renström.
In friendship for Savio Woo / Werner Mueller.
Very happy birthday Savio from all your friends in Australia / John Bartlett.
Tribute to a dear friend / Mahmut Nedim Doral.
Thanks for what you have done & are still doing / Jose Huylebroek.
Professor Savio Woo on his 70th birthday / Arnold Caplan.
A long history together / James C.Y. Chow.
Thank you, Savio / Peter Katona.
Congratulations and happy 70th birthday / Ron Zernicke. Savio Woo at 70 / Michael Turner (UK) and Babette Pluim (NED).
Healthy, energetic and cordially friendly / Milan Handl.
A tribute to Dr. Woo.
Savio the savior / King H. Yang.
To a pioneering bioengineer and leader.
happy birthday, Dr. Woo / X. Edward Guo.
A leader and giant / James Tibone.
A great heart in Savio Woo / Rogerio Teixeira da Silva.
Happy 70th birthday and warm wishes / Noshir A. Langrana.
You are a leader / Moises Cohen.
A great leader in orthoapedic biomechanics / Toru Fukubayashi.
Tribute to my friend, Savio Woo / Ken Kuo.
"The age of rarity" / Michael Lai.
Thank you Professor Savio Woo / Ching-Jen Wang, PC Leung.
A gentleman and a scholar / Steve Burkhart, Gideon Mann.
A special mentor and friend / Evan Flatow.
The story of one blessed academic / Savio Lau-Yuen Woo.
Journey down memory lane / contributed by Pattie Woo. Tribute to a colleague, collaborator & friend: Dr. Savio L-Y. Woo / Mario Lamontagne.
The highlight of Dr Woo's contribution to Hong Kong / K.M. Chan.
An ageless sage / Bruce Reider.
The best is yet to come / John Feagin.
Happy 70th birthday Savio / Rene Verdonk.
Smart, approachable, kind / David B. Root.
The scientific Olympian / Benno Nigg.
Sharing good times / Ben and Betty Kibler.
Happy 70th birthday to my good friend, Savio / Robert J. Johnson.
A national treasure / Scott F. Dye.
Sabio / Ramon Cugat.
To my "old" friend Savio Woo / Giancarlo Puddu.
Tribute to Savio Woo / Peter and Linda Jokl.
A youthful Dr. Woo / Zong-Ming Li.
Mazel tov and l'chaim / Harvey Borovetz.
Professional debt of gratitude / Sanjeev Shroff.
A tribute to Dr. Woo: from recruitment to Pittsburgh to a valued mentor and friend / David Vorp.
A partner in triumph.
bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh / Jerome S. Schultz.
A significant success story / James Herndon.
A tribute to Dr. Woo / Mark S. Redfern.
Long may you run / Patrick Loughlin.
"Engineering nobility" / Alan Russell.
You are the best / Jag Sankar.
A teacher and mentor / William T. Green, Jr..
A remarkable scientist and person / Marc J. Philippon.
Happy 70th birthday Savio! / Larry J. Shuman.
A mentor, a colleague and a friend / Harry E. Rubash, Jon JP Warner, James Kang.
[Hui yi ke xue geng yun er shi nian] / Cheng-Wen (Ken) Wu.
A great teacher / Monto Ho.
A tribute to Savio Woo / Chien Ho.
A lifetime mentor / Daisy Tsai.
Thank you for your inspiration / Zhi-Pei Liang.
A privilege to know you / Kam W. Leong.
The Savio I know.
mentor, connoisseur, scholar / Abraham "Abe" Lee.
A leader with foresight and conviction / K. Kirk Shung.
A role model and friend / Richard Cheng-Kung Cheng.
Your legacy continues / Jeremy Mao.
a giant in his own right / Wei-Shou Hu.
Dr. Savio Woo's Singapore connection / James Goh.
Professor Savio L-Y. Woo.
our honorary doctorate / Arthur Mak.
My mentor and friend / Shiyi Chen.
A great leader in bioengineering / Fong-Chin Su.
An extraordinary career and legacy / Lori Setton and Farshid Guilak.
Knowledge, humility, leadership & friendliness / Javier Maquirriain.
Celebrating Dr. Woo, research pioneer and inspirational mentor / Helen H. Lu.
Tribute to a pioneer and mentor: Dr. Savio L-Y. Woo / Catherine K. Kuo.
Happy birthday Savio! / Mitsuo Ochi.
A tribute to Savio Woo / Robert Hsu.
A mentor for us all / Braden C. Fleming.
Hard work, dedication and commitment / Lou Soslowsky.
[Fu ru dong hai chang liu shui, shou bi nan shan bu lao song] / Nigel Zheng.
Mentorship and inspiration buon compleanno! / Michael Torry.
An extraordinary teacher, a kind man / João Espregueira-Mendes.
A special friend / Gian Luigi Canata.
My special mentor / Norimasa Nakamura.
The highest levels of science / Nicola Maffulli.
A true innovator in our field / Scott Rodeo. This is a compilation of tributes to a gentleman who has impacted the field of biomedical engineering and musculoskeletal science for four decades through his research, his guidance and mentorships, his friendships, and his love for the field, family, and friends. It provides readers with a view of how one man can impact so many.