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Title Page; Copyright Page; Acknowledgments; Toby; Lila; Toby; George; Toby; Gertie; Lila; Toby; Lila; Toby; Lila; Toby; George; Lila; Gertie; Lila; Toby; Lila; George; Lila; Toby; Gertie; Lila; George; Lila; Toby; Lila; George; Toby; George; Lila; Toby; Lila; Gertie; Toby; Lila; George; Lila; George; Lila; Gertie; Toby; Lila; George; Toby; Lila; Gertie; Lila; Toby; In the Nebraska Sandhills, nothing is more sacred than the bond of family and land - and nothing is more capable of causing deep wounds. This novel reveals the inner worlds of characters isolated by geography and habit. It bears witness to the fortitude and hard-won wisdom of people whose lives have been forged by devotion to the land.