Table of Contents

Pelvic and urogenital reconstruction.
Upper extremity reconstruction.
Adult brachial plexus injury (a-bpi) reconstruction.
Lower extremity reconstruction.
Functional muscle transfers for various purposes.
Thinning and tailoring.
Avoiding complications.
Flap re-exploration and salvage.
Postoperative care.
Reconstructive options following flap failure.
Local flaps in the head and neck : forehead, famm, submental, nasolabial and cervicofacial flaps.
Temporoparietal fascia flap.
Supraclavicular artery flap.
Pectoralis major flap.
Deltopectoral flap and internal mammary artery perforator flap.
Omentum, superior epigastric, and external/internal oblique flaps.
Rectus abdominis flap.
Jejunum flap.
Trapezius flap.
Scapular and parascapular flaps.
Latissimus dorsi flap.
Iliac flap.
Groin flap and superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator flap.
Gluteus flap.
Pedicled flaps of the hand.
Lateral arm flap. Problem analysis in reconstructive surgery : reconstructive ladders, elevators, and surgical judgment.
Classification of flaps.
Considerations in flap selection.
Emerging technology in reconstructive surgery.
Prefabrication and prelamination.
Tissue engineering.
Percutaneous aponeurotomy and lipofilling (palf) : a regenerative alternative to the flap.
Lymphedema : microsurgical reconstruction.
Robotic applications in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Clinical anatomy of the head and neck, and recipient vessel selection.
Clinical anatomy and recipient vessel selection in the chest, abdomen, groin, and back.
Clinical anatomy and recipient vessel selection in the upper extremity.
Clinical anatomy and recipient vessel selection and exposure in the lower extremity.
Head and neck reconstruction.
Facial reanimation : evolution and refinements.
Breast reconstruction.
Chest and back reconstruction.
Abdominal wall reconstruction. Radial forearm flap.
Local flaps in the foot.
Gracilis flap.
Gastrocnemius flap.
Soleus flap.
Fibula flap.
Glabrous skin flaps.
Toe flaps and toe transplantation.
Medial femoral condyle and descending genicular artery perforator flaps.
Perforator flaps in the lateral thoracic region.
Deep and superficial inferior epigastric artery perforator flaps.
Superior and inferior gluteal artery perforator flaps.
Anterolateral and anteromedial thigh flaps.
Tensor fascia lata flap.
Posterior tibial artery perforator flap.
Free-style flaps.
Starting a reconstructive transplantation program.
Face transplantation.
Hand and upper extremity transplantation.
Laryngeal, abdominal wall, and uterus transplantation.
Immunology and research in reconstructive transplantation.
Peripheral nerve allotransplantation.