Table of Contents

Anatomy / Stuart J. Salasche and Stephen H. Mandy.
Basic principles in flap reconstruction / Ashley Wysong and Shauna Higgins.
Second intention healing and primary closure / MIchael Cosulich, Jeremy Etzkorn, Thuzar Myo Shin, and Christopher J. Miller.
Advancement flaps / Christie R. Travelute and Roberta Sengelmann.
Rotation flaps / Glenn Goldman.
V-Y flaps and island flaps / Joel Cook.
Transposition flaps / Ashish C. Bhatia, Joe Overman, and Thomas E. Rohrer.
Staged interpolation flaps / Tri H. Nguyen and Janet Li.
Skin grafts / Gerardo Marrazzo and John Albertini.
Scalp reconstruction / Justin J. Leitenberger and Ken K. Lee.
Forehead and temple repair / Mary L. Stevenson and John A. Carucci.
Periocular reconstruction / Andrea Willey.
Cheek reconstruction / Richard G. Bennett.
Ear reconstruction / Hayes B. Gladstone and Greg S. Morganroth.
Reconstruction of the nose / Jonathan L. Cook.
Perioral reconstruction / Joseph F. Sobanko.
Neck reconstruction / Anna Bar and Spring Golder.
Surgical complications and revision of scars / Cheryl Janene Gustafson and C. William Hanke.